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The Extended Adjacency Indices for Several Types of Graph Operations

Let G be a simple graph without multiple edges and any loops. At first, the extended adjacency matrix of a graph was first proposed by Yang et al in 1994, which is explored from the perspective of chemical molecular graph. Later, the spectral radius of graph and graph energy under the extended adjacency matrix was proposed. At the same time, for a simple graph G, the extended adjacency index EA(G) is also defined by some researchers. All of them play important roles in mathematics and chemistry. In this work, we show the extended adjacency indices for several types of graph operations such as tensor product, disjunction and strong product. In addition, we also give some examples of different combinations of special graphs, such as complete graphs and cycle graphs, and the classical graph, Cayley graph. By combining the special structure of the graph, it will pave the way for the calculation of some chemical or biological classical molecular structure. We can find that it plays a meaningful role in calculating the structure of complex chemical molecules through the graph operation of EA index on the any simple combined graphs, and it can also play a role in biology, physics, medicine and so on. Finally, we put forward some other related problems that can be further studied in the future.

Degree of a Vertex, Extended Adjacency Index, Tensor Product, Disjunction, Strong Product

Feng Fu, Bo Deng, Hongyu Zhang. (2023). The Extended Adjacency Indices for Several Types of Graph Operations. International Journal of Systems Science and Applied Mathematics, 8(1), 7-11.

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