International Journal of Systems Science and Applied Mathematics

Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2017

  • Empirical Validation Of Effective Earth Radius Adjustment Factors For Earth Bulge and Diffraction Loss Parameters Computation

    Eduediuyai Dan, Constance Kalu, Ogungbemi Emmanuel Oluropo

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2017
    Pages: 51-56
    Received: 9 January 2017
    Accepted: 25 January 2017
    Published: 25 March 2017
    Abstract: In this paper, the effect of effective earth radius adjustment factors (k-adjustment factors) on various parameters associated with single knife edge diffraction loss is studied. The parameters considered are, the earth bulge, Fresnel-Kirchoff diffraction parameter and the number of Fresnel zones that are partially or fully blocked by obstruction i... Show More
  • Ground Based Laser Torque Effects on Both Passive and Active Control for LEO CubeSat

    Thanaa E. Sharaf-Eldin, Nabawia S. Khalifa

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2017
    Pages: 57-63
    Received: 15 March 2017
    Accepted: 27 March 2017
    Published: 13 April 2017
    Abstract: The objective of this work is to investigate the effects of laser torque on both passive and active control for LEO CubeSat. The investigation is based on the model of the Euler equations for rotational motion. A simple case of spacecraft attitude control problem is considered, in which passive control is performed by accounting only gravity gradie... Show More